how to not break eggs when hard boiling?

I hard boil eggs for 9.5 min. But, no matter how I do it.. at least one breaks.

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Dr.Bill8 years ago
Start with cold water to cover 12 eggs. Pour in 1/2 cup vinegar. Heat the water slow on low heat. Turn heat down more when water starts to boil. Slow boil 10 minutes. Vinegar keeps eggs boiled this way from breaking don't ask me why. I was told this by a chef that worked at Maxwell's Plum in NYC many years ago.
klee27x8 years ago
Boil enough to fill the whole pot. Then they don't rattle around as much. And if a couple crack, who cares. You have 15 more.
AndyGadget8 years ago
I've found the constant bumping as it boils to be the culprit. Make a wire mesh support to sit in the bottom of the pan to put the eggs on. Also boil from cold or warm water to reduce the thermal shock.
rickharris8 years ago
put in cold water and heat slowly. You can also try pricking the shell at the wide end to allow the trapped air out as it heats up.
Prfesser8 years ago
The boiling action is probably bumping the eggs around enough to crack one. Here's a different method (from Betty Crocker cookbook). Place eggs in a pan, add water to about 1" above the eggs. Bring to a boil. Remove from burner, add a tight-fitting lid, and wait 25 minutes. Cool and peel. I seem to recall that a tablespoon of vinegar in the water will minimize cracking but have not tried it; the method above works very well. Prfesser
orksecurity8 years ago
Best approach I know is to put the eggs -- gently -- into water that's about the same temperature they are, and warm them up together. That avoids thermal stress effects. There may be better solutions, but this one works for me.