how to open an itunes account for free?

I bought an ipod shuffle but I dont know how to open an itunes account without costing me any money.

liam23177 years ago
First of all... there is this great website called Google!  USE IT!

Here is a link to very clear instructions on how to set it up. 
tewharau7 years ago
 My daughter wanted an itunes account but didn't have a credit card.  I didn't want to use my credit card because I didn't want her to "accidently" buy anything. She got around it by installing itunes 9, clicking on the "app store" tab, putting a free App in the cart, setting up an account in the Apple "App store" which has a "no credit card" option, then she could use the account in itunes to download anything that was free.

Hope this helps.
orksecurity7 years ago
You can open an account for free. You just can't download any music for free.

Load up the iTunes application on your PC, use it to rip the CDs you already have and transfer them to the iPod. That's free.