how to play guitar?

 i have been wanting to try guitar i have a acousitic guitar it has been tuned but i have no idea how to play it and easy was to learn how to play?

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Distorted7 years ago
Go to this site so you can estabilish a basis.  There are plenty of videos on youtube for getting some useful tips, but I'd strongly recommend getting a private guitar teacher, or finding a local guitar place and enrolling in some lessons.  You also might want to decide which style of music you want to learn early on.

-4 years of experience under the belt :)
Acepilot427 years ago
here are simple basic chords:
 G major:           E minor: e:-0
                e:-3                     B:-0
                B:-0                    G:-0
                G :-0                   D:-2
                D :-0                   A:-2
                A:-2                    E:-0
i know nothing about guitar...
do you understand the chords? by the way, learning guitar was very easy for me on the tabs i gave you, the e meant the high estring, the skinniest one, the B meant the B string, the second to lowest one, and so on.
Spotman7 years ago
 yah it was...well my uncle taught me
the thing is I'm a hands on learner, he had an extra guitar
tell u da truth I have 3: classic, acoustic and electric
the classic was from my uncle
anyway two songs Im good at is Redemption Song by Bob Marley and Top Of The World by The All American Rejects
hoped it helped
orksecurity7 years ago
Hit the library; they probably have an introductory book or ten.

Or find a friend who knows how and have them show you the basics.