how to print a collage of digital photos on to a material that can be made into a custom lamp shade.?

I am looking a for a material that I can print a black and white collage of digital photos on for the purpose of making a custom lamp shade. I am also looking for tips and instructions.

Deewheat8 years ago
Get some injet transfer paper almost anywhere that sells computer supplies. Walmart and Kmart carry it, as do office supply places. Print your pics onto it and then put them on the lampshade material. This way you can print a number of pics on each sheet and it will be relatively economical as well as fast and easy. The current transfer paper gives a pretty good result and adheres to fabric well as long as the fabric is washed prior to putting the transfer on it.
lemonie8 years ago
How about paper? A lot of lampshades are paper, much of the strength is in the design and metal hoops.
(orksecurity has an equally good if not even better answer)

orksecurity8 years ago
As an alternative to printing directly onto the lampshade: Do a websearch for "decoupage lamp shade".