how to "bone" a 2-d drawing?

well, i got a 2-d drawing of a man. lats say here it is:

so i want to create bones for it. there:

so now i want to move the bones and get the character moving. like in pivot.( )

how can i get it going? using a software or something.

psymansays8 years ago
You could write a small program in VB or Visual Studio Express Edition (windows) or a gtk+ program for linux, in GCC
robotguy48 years ago
"how can i get it going? using a software or something."

Jah. That or do it frame by frame and then put them together as an animated GIF, WHICH IS AN ***. Also, no sound. Plus, it probably will look jerky.

You'll probably want to look into Macromedi- IMEANADOBE!I'MNOTOLD! ''Adobe'' Flash. That's how most people do it.
Mind you, its not that easy. You'll probably have to add stuff in as you go.