how to read a simple compass?

how to read a simple compass and how to find N-S-E-W  from the sun.

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seandogue6 years ago
It's pretty simple to read a compass.

1) hold it flat, ie, hold it so that you look straight down to see the face of the compass.

2) allow the needle to come to rest.

3) rotate the compass slowly until N matches with the needle tip.

Now you can determine which way west, east south are...

Rick gave a good method for using the sun.
76543216 years ago
The red needle should point north.
Sun rises in the east, sets in the west.
NachoMahma6 years ago
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lemonie6 years ago

Have you got one?

rickharris6 years ago
The sun is easy if you have a watch:

Assuming you in the Northern Hemisphere:

take an analogue watch With hands - Pint the hour hand at the sun, half way between the hour hand and 12 o'clock is due South.

If your in the Southern Hemi - Then it ponts North.