how to reapir a monitor lcd type dell m170eg01?

the lcd dell monitor model m170eg01 turns on and off, it seems like if is going to work then it will not
and so on . what would you suggest me to do replace the bunch of condensors i have 4 of 330uf*35v
also 3 of 47uf*50v also i have 1 of 10uf*50v as well also 2 of 470uf*16v and finally i have 2 of 680uf*16 volts these are for the primary side of the power lsupply and for the secondary side as well.
i am guessing the problem is in one of these caps. i do not have a meter to measure capacitance there is no way to find out which one is not working properlly what do you sthink. or wlhich other approach should i take.

mark20125 years ago
Well if I were you, I would just replace it with a brand new monitor, its just the same, it is hassle free and less headache to you:)

Dell Monitor
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gcrdcn8 years ago
Most capacitors have an "X" on top. Some bad ones will bulge at the "X".
Check the power supply for a start - when it works, and then when it doesn't
Is the DISPLAY shutting down, or its backlight  ?