how to recognize either the IC is DAC or ADC?

my problem is i don't know how to recognize either the IC is DAC or ADC... whats the differences between those ICs with the other ICs? can somebody help me??????????

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lemonie8 years ago
Read the product code on the chip and Google it in combination with the words "data" and "sheet". Hopefully you'll find a data sheet for it. L
. To clarify a little. To search for info on a 555 IC, Google:
555 +datasheet
. If you run into a WM8775SEDS, just use:
WM8775 +datasheet (you may need to try various versions of product codes, eg, 8775, 8775SE, &c)
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. I just added a few minor details to your answer. As long as he/she/it gets an answer, I don't care who gets the credit.
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. Ah. I didn't think about that. I'll try to keep that in mind. . I just Googled ADC (or was it DAC?) and picked the first one that had a number in the snippet so I could C&P. :)