how to recover eye sight in 5 months ???i m myopic with -2.5..plz help.....

as i wnt to become a pilot.i want to get rid of these glasses but dont want my eyes ,be corrected by laser surgery..

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they have these things that instantly correct your vision... They are called contacts.  Hee hee!!

besides, if you get laser surgery you have to wait a year before you can enlist in the military, if you wanted to go that route to be a pilot.
If you're older than about 8 years old, you are pretty well stuck with it.

Yup.  Laser surgery is the only option for correcting vision.  It'll only get worse with age.
And ideally, laser surgery should be put off as long as possible. It's something which they can really only do to a patient _once_. The more time they have to develop the techniques on other people, the better they'll be when they finally get to you. Also, you may need the assistance much more when you're older -- when it may affect your ability to _drive_, not just to fly.
I don't know about that.  Major vision changes typically occur during major hormonal changes.  For a woman, it's at the onset of menses and again at the beginning of menopause.  So for a 19 y/o woman, it should last a good long time - putting it off later in life might theoretically give fewer years of good vision, but I'm not a doctor.  Sarah should see a laser eye surgeon like Burf said.
Burf8 years ago
Welcome to the Coke bottle legion. I've had to wear cheaters since I was 15 years old and probably needed them sooner.  I have found nothing to reliably cure myopia short of Lasic surgery and I never had the stones to go that route.
Talk to an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist, and see if he or she can give you any good advice. You don't want to mess around with any voodoo cures or home remedies with something as important as your vision.