how to reformat a pc?

bmlbytes8 years ago
If you plan to reinstall the operating system then just put the install CD in and use the built in format tool. Windows 2000 and up should just ask you if you want to format.
Laknight1178 years ago
wat operatring system do u have vista, xp, 98 , ??
lemonie8 years ago
Why? There may be a better option. L
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Boot into DOS from something besides the drive you want to format. Type in "format C: /s/v" at the command line and hit enter (assuming you want to format the C: drive, change as appropriate). "/s" copies some system files to the disk so it will boot, omit if using disk/partition for data. "/v" prompt's for a volume name, omit if you want. . For most modern OS's, boot from the install CD. There should be an option to format the disk. You may have to start the install process to get to the format option.