how to remove a big planter wart on the ball of my foot painfreef?

had it about 6 or more years now  

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framistan6 years ago
There are LOTS of related instructables to the RIGHT of this screen that look like good ideas. One product you might try is called "HEEL RESCUE" and available at might work. I have used it for other skin problems with great success. It is not expensive only about ten bucks for a large container.
I've alway heard to deny the wart air by using duck tape. Evey couple days remove and replace the duck tape and the wart will get smaller over time. Six years is a long time, might need two rolls.
lemonie6 years ago

Concentrated nitric acid works, but you'd do better to ask a medical-professional. At that age it may be too big for "over-the-counter" treatments.

Freezing is quickest, but hurts (don't be fooled by the smiling actors in the Freeze-Away ad). The paint-on acid products work more slowly, but the application is pain-free. You are also less likely to damage surrounding tissue with the paint-on acid which is a consideration if the wart is located near nerves. With any method you will notice some soreness as you kill off the wart and healthy tissue replaces it.
Two people have had both treatments at our household. Based on experience, go with the acid treatment for this location. You will need to treat twice a day (like it says on the bottle) and scrub off the dead tissue every 3-5 days. If this is a big wart with a deep root it may take 3 months of daily treatment. I'd have a podiatrist check it when you think it is gone. If only one infected cell remains, the wart will come back.
rickharris6 years ago
Many propriety products at pharmacy most based on a) salicylic acid (aspirin) b) on denying the wart air. c) freezing take your pick
Rob3116 years ago