how to repair a craftsman drill battery?

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framistan8 years ago
i have successfully restored many nickel cadmium chargable batteries using this method.  I have a power supply that puts out several hundred volts... I use it to charge up a large hi-voltage capacitor.  Then quickly apply the charged capacitor to the nickel cadmium batterypack.  This is best done using a pre-wired jig and a toggle switch.  Alligator clips to attach the terminals to proper wires.  then flip the toggle switch to ZAP the batteries.  Then charge the batterypack normally.  This ZAPPING is done to batterypack by itself while it is NOT attached to the drill or device it powers (of course).  Nickel cadmium batteries develop a kind of internal "short" that the ZAPPING clears away.  Doing this to the batterypack may give you a couple more years usage out of it... or sometimes not.  This charging of a capacitor to high voltage is DANGEROUS of course... so do this at your own risk and dont blame me if you get killed doing this... Another method is pulling the pack apart. Check each cell inside the pack for voltage.  Usually only one or 2 cells go bad and have very low voltage on them. Just replace the one or 2 lowvoltage cells and re-assemble the pack.  FIXED!!!
seandogue8 years ago
In Cleveland, (my metro area) there is a shop that specializes in batteries..seriously. they have access to most cell types, replacement battery packs, and...(wait for it...)...they repair or refit battery packs.

My advise, look in the yellow pages to see if you have such a store.
The point,to this advise of course, is that a battery house not only carries the correct cells, but it can also properly dispose of any spent cells, it will guarantee its work if you choose to have them do the repair for convenience sake or if you're not equipped to do the repair.

I can't tell you how much the cells will cost. That depends on the construction of the battery pack.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
or you can do it yourself, it would cost only $15 for the batteries
lemonie8 years ago
What's wrong with it?