how to repair hot glue gun?

..because it doesn't work. the gun is hot but it doesn't squeeze out the glue anymore. the trigger is hard and 3/4 of glue stick is still in the tube.

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Burf7 years ago
Plug it in and let it reach its full operating temperature for a couple of minutes. Put another glue stick in and push on it with your thumb while trying to squeeze the trigger. If nothing frees up after a couple of tries, wait until it cools, take it apart and see if you can determine what is locking the trigger. If it is nothing you can fix, toss it and buy a new one. They're relatively cheap at any of the big box hardware places.
dennisg8 Burf5 months ago

They are not cheap. Cheaply made. The problem is that, when anyone uses or borrows your glue gun, they don't wait the six minutes for it to heat up before squeezing. Gone through about 4 glue guns last year, and six the year before. Same issue. Never had this problem before they made them in China. There needs to be one brand that has auto shutoff, ceramic tip, and some ratchet that can't break. I am sick and tired of pushing glue stick through. It often is not practical.

dennisg85 months ago

Yes, pleeze answer this rachet fix question. All these crummy rachets break in under 4 months.

KumarV101 year ago

my glue gun is not working i switched on whenots glue gun switch is on i think the fuse is fail can you tel me what to do

Same problem for me :)

how do I repair my glue gun? The trigger is loose. The spring on the inside must be off.

Karletto555 (author) 7 years ago
pardon the trigger works but nothing happens
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If you push the glue stick forward does it melt it?
--in that case the ratchet pawl or some part of the mechanism is toast.

If tie trigger is stiff and nothing moves, then you've tried to pull out a glue stick while it was melted and gummed up the 'cold' section of the gun - in which case it's toast.
Karletto555 (author)  frollard7 years ago
how do i edit my question? thnx
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Based on the symptoms, I'm guessing it's option B.
If that's the case, it might be repairable by carefully opening the case, removing the glue stick and any excess glue inside the case, and reassembling. This has about a 50/50 chance of working, and you'll probably lose part of the trigger assembly so that you have to push the glue sticks through with your thumb.
Grathio7 years ago
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