how to run a high voltage motor with low voltage

hi there,
I just wanna know how to run a 12v D.C motor using a 9v battery,
is it possible by using  voltage and current doubler circuits?
please help me, as i want this knowledge for a project of mine

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The boxy shaped, widely used, 9V battery is weak sauce.

I humbly recommend replacing it with a stack of 8 AA batteries, and battery holder(s) for the same, for to supply 12 volts for your 12 VDC motor.

I think that is the best, easiest, way to supply power to your motor.

iceng2 years ago

Indicates a primary alkaline battery can supply 565 ma for one hour which is slightly over a half ampere and will run a suitably small fractional horsepower DC motor at a lower speed.

iceng iceng2 years ago

The suitable DC motor must be a 12v 1/2A machine with o.008 HP or lesser.

rickharris2 years ago

You motor consumes power this is the voltage x the current. the result is in watts.

IF you mean the square 9 volt battery - look up the spec sheet for it and you will find it can provide 600 m amps for an hour. that's 0.006 amps. This is FAR less than your motor needs.

No matter what you do the power available remains constant. Otherwise you could get energy for nothing!

I think you have a few zeros too many ;)

Ah - 0.06 amps - sorry still not enough.

There is no way you can power a decent motor with a 9V battery, at least not for more than a few minutes.
And if you use step up converters or similar the result would be even worse.