how to set up a booby trap for someone hopping my metal fence?

I was recently told by another neighbor that he seen the neighbor that lives on the other side of my house (while I was gone for no more then 5 mins) hop my back yard fence and try to get into my back door which of course was doubled locked. So I am looking for a way to prevent this fence hopping this from happening again. Any ideas??

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ChrisG1591 year ago

Get yourself some tack strip from any carpet store and nail it underneath the fences top 2X4 on your side of the fence. When he goes to jump the fence and pull himself over he will grab this and get a very painful surprise. The nails are VERY sharp and angled so be careful and make sure they are angled toward the fence. Good Luck!

acain32 years ago

I support any attempt to defend what's yours. If called to be on the jury, I wouldn't vote guilty. It's a sad day when you live in fear of the police and the thieves. I still feel that crime would go away without the police protecting them. Leave it up to the citizens to defend their neighborhood. As for booby traps, I've considered running live cables on a 50 amp 220 breaker all the way around my back yard. Let em get bit by that and hope they learn their lesson. Maybe replace the cable with something more fun like razor wire or barbed wire. That way they get to fry a little before I find them.

caarntedd5 years ago
Go over and ask him if he saw anyone in your back yard at the time you mentioned, and if he has had any problems at his place. He will then know that you know someone was on your property. He will wonder how you know this and it may be enough to deter him.
It's also pretty cool to see the look on somebody's face when they are caught out.
Vyger caarntedd5 years ago
+1 Communication is always the best place to start. Even confrontation with out accusing is a tactic. What would be even more fun is to mention something like you also had someone go through your car and that they should check theirs because a number of people said that it was happening to them. So, now you have a paranoid, would be thief, who is going to be worried that he is going to be a victim because he knows that the car vandal is not him. Competition!

The big problem with booby traps is they are indiscriminate in who or what they catch. You could just as easily catch your own family members as an intruder.
frollard5 years ago
a camera? The police? A swift kick in the head?

Virtually every civilized jurisdiction in the world has rules against traps - because they tend to kill paramedics, firefighters, police, etc. do NOT use traps.
Non violent booby trap???
Cat pee super soaker on a welcome mat pressure pad type rig?

Ive got neighbors that need arresting too & the system doesnt work well enough.
Being on record is absolutely a plus though.

caarntedds idea is pretty clever too.
Car horn tripwire is fairly easy...
rickharris5 years ago
Yep Grow one - Pyracantha

Big thorns and pretty berries. Is a great deterrent and grows fast.

Security camera - can be fake if it's a good one.

Advise the police although little they can do after the event.

A higher fence

Really good artwork of a pit with BIG stakes in the bottom ;-)

Kiteman5 years ago
Installing a booby-trap makes you the criminal party, more so if somebody gets injured in any way at all.

What you do is make a formal report of the attempt to your local police, and look into installing recording CCTV that looks over your back yard and door.
Kiteman Kiteman5 years ago
I've just thought of a more subtle tactic:

Put a sign in the window of your back door; "Hello, [name of neighbour], I know what you are doing. Please look up and smile, so I can get a better shot for my records."
framistan5 years ago
Your best defense is what you have already done. You lock your doors and pay attention to security around your house. You could do some improvements to your security, such as adding an automatic-light in your back yard and improve door strength with metal trim pieces available at hardware stores. Add deadbolts to the doors. Put metal grating over the glass if you have glass in your back door. The objective is to make your house LOOK like you pay attention to security. The thieves will hopefully pass over your house and go for the other houses that have little or no security. One other thing to keep in mind is when you are home, but outside mowing the lawn or doing gardening. Many people leave their doors unlocked while they are home, but in the back yard mowing. Thieves know this and just walk right in, grab some things, and leave quickly. Always lock your front door if you are in the back yard working. I would not put up any traps, but there are some kinds of sticker bushes that have really long thorns. Or rose bushes might help, and are a natural deterent to keep people out without resorting to barbed wire.
kelseymh5 years ago
In the U.S. (where you presumably live, based on your spelling of "neighbor"), booby traps are considered felony offenses, and can mean prison time, loss of franchise, etc., depending on how badly injured your victim is.

Video, especially modern high quality video with IR support, can be quite effective when pressing charges for attempted burglary.
Install a taller fence and put barbed wire across the top.