how to set up a thumb drive to run IE & keep files on it so i dont get in trouble at work ?

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Shagglepuff8 years ago
Why use IE? I just use Google Chrome portable. It's fast, easy, and has a "Incognito" mode where you can run it without leaving ANYTHING on the host comp.
randomhat8 years ago
I don't know anything about running IE.
But you can run Firefox and Opera portable on a USB.
First thing you need to make sure that your workplace even allows their usb ports to work that way, most IT departments disable usb ports from running alot of stuff for security reasons.
I use Portable Start Menu to create an autolaunching mini startmenu for all the applications, and it's pretty much just click-click to add a new application to the menu list. .
And this site, WinPenPack, bundles a lot of programs that work on a usb drive,, but allows you to pick individual ones if you just need a few.
Another place to get portable firefox (and other portable applications) is and it's all free! And for hidden browsing from your network admins you could use tor, which also comes as a bundle for usb drives with pre-installed firefox, (make sure you read the information supplied to understand the limitations).
febert8 years ago
Check out the recent Systm episode on mounting an OS on a thumbdrive.
UziMonkey8 years ago
Note that they can see what you're doing anyway. They can see all your network traffic. They know what sites you're visiting, how long you're spending on them, etc. Don't think that by using a different browser that you can get away with it.