how to sharpen a curved knife? PLEASE HELP ME

 I have a carbon steel knife that has a very slight concave curve to the edge, could anybody help me with some tips to sharpen it?

Biggsy4 years ago
If your a complete novice to knives etc, I would suggest you erad a few of the Knife maintenence I'bles... i have seen a few really good ones...

Otherwise, In most kitchen stores, you can buy little plastic knife sharpeners, which for the novice will give you back a usable edge... Personally I use my whet stone, and a leather strop... back when I was a kid we used to sharpen knives using sandstone door steps

Best go withthe little plastic knife sharpeners.... When in doubt... buy a new knife :)
One. (author)  Biggsy4 years ago
 yes... YES! that is exactly what i have done. i got a plastic knife sharpener aqnd it works great!
FFVIIBOY4 years ago
wow im guessing that most of the people who answered this question dont realize that their telling a 13 year old how to sharpen a knife
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
this knife is my most favorite possession. in my life. I made it myself at barrytown knifemaking and it has served me well for over a year. If this thirteen year old has a knife, Its not to kill someone with.
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
really, well im 14 and if i had a knife...uh never mind, i still have my cub scouts knife but i never really use it. I wish i had a knife like in assasins creed, ive never played that game but i think the knife thing is cool
One. (author)  FFVIIBOY4 years ago
cub scout ones are sort of like swiss army knives arent they? (i never joined cub scouts)
FFVIIBOY One.4 years ago
their pockey knives, you can flip them out
LoneWolf4 years ago
Devrimm4 years ago
Hi! I'm using rocks too to sharpening my knives. But there is a difference. Before I begin working, I put a little bit nr. 10 motor oil on my rock. Whith oil, rock works much better. Have a nice day!
jeff-o4 years ago
I've got a knife sharpener that's basically a small piece of carbide on the end of a handle.  Here it is. (hope the link works!)  It should be able to sharpen just about any knife shape.
Re-design4 years ago
AH, the hollow ground edge.  Sharpening blades is an art and science wrapped up in one.

Here's a quick detail of sharpening a hollow ground knife.

If it's a good blade sharpening it like a straight razor will keep it keen.

You need to read and do some research before you start sharpening it.  There are things you need to know about the edge of a hollow ground blade that if you know how to work it right your knife can be as sharp as a razor.

G00gle "sharpen hollow ground" and see what you get.

P.S. Don't cut your finger off!
Need to practice.
lemonie4 years ago
You want a sharpening device for the job.
Round or oval perhaps?