how to sharpen without a grinder?

how to sharpen thin piece of metal when you don't have grinder tool?? all i can think of is a file. are there other methods/ tools?
edit: i have a drill. what can i attach on it?

lemonie4 years ago
If you're deperately-short on tools, do what Kiteman suggests with the stone (wall) or concrete. You'll not get a great finish (I have done this) but a flat stone / cement-based surface will do.
Choose a good angle, 45 degrees is a bit much, try for about 20 perhaps.

Slate makes a pretty good fine stone. The best stones are really fine sandstones.
I'll agree there, what do you reckon as the best angle for a rough-grind - I'm just guessing.

Reckon on about 30 degrees, and then a 35 degree second bevel
Depends on what the OP is sharpening really. I only sharpen chisels.
Re-design4 years ago
"Borrow" your mothers diamond nail file.  they work great in a pinch.
Kiteman4 years ago
Oil stone / wet stone.

Rub it along a wall.
msw1004 years ago
How about wet and dry sand paper placed on a flat piece off wood ,or rubbing it against the pavement my father sharpened our knifes that way many many years ago?

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