how to solar power a small fish tank filter motor?

will be using outside to provide recirculating water for chickens

iceng1 year ago

Start with two $4 plastic submersible water pumps 12v 0.40A

(First one will be forgotten and freeze to death)

Add a $13 12v 0.54A solar panel

Just wire them together no battery no diode..

The pump only runs during the day but the fouls don't care.

iceng iceng1 year ago



Chickens do get very inactive in the dark.

I take it you mean the service voltage water pump type.

Solar cells charge batteries, batteries power power inverter, power inverter runs pump.

You might be interested in this, the new 1 cup coffee makers have a 12 volt water pump in them. With a 12 volt water pump you can skip the power inverter.