how to stop telepathy ? tell me the way ?

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KostadinL14 months ago

If the telepathy is caused by archon implants like it was with mine ( i was hearing very negative beings and they me ) After one woman removed my implants 2-3 days after it it stopped and it's still stopped :) Here's the site of the medium that removed the implants http://ayishawhite.com You can book a session for removal . You can search archon implants to see what implants are . Hope this helps someone :)

orksecurity6 years ago
Stop thinking.

(How do you stop something that doesn't exist?)
it does exist and if you want to it is the intake of calcium and magnesium
jabide jlo57774 years ago
Oh, would that stop it permanently?
seandogue6 years ago
Aluminum foil cap and or superglue. Also, Kooky catholic priests and arcane religious rituals seem to be a fashionable choice.

sean - didn't you get the mental message I sent you about the research I was doing?  Super glue conducts thoughts like a small amplifier.  Use hot glue instead.
I thought I was dreaming...I could have sworn I projected a request that you avoid contactifying me after 8PM PST...Or at least remember to use *that code we agreed on...

Sorry wrong time zone.  Splains why you didn't get my thoughts.  You musta been asleep.  Check your mind mail.
Darn...sorry I use an anonymous server.
seandogue6 years ago
Truth is, there's no way to stop it. Telepathy transmogrifies the space time continuum and cannot be stopped except by normal age related dropoff in tranception structures in your neurolimbic system.

Just make sure not to take any hallucinogenic chemicals, as it amplifies the circuitry.
lemonie6 years ago
Crystals man - I'll send the details directly into your head.

 What is the problem you are having?  Are you concerned with sending thoughts, or are you experiencing them?
If you would like to improve your mental acuity and minimize the chance of your negative thoughts affecting other people, there are several things you must do:

* Very important: Sleep! Every day at the same time you must go to bed in a dark and quiet room and try to sleep for a full eight hours. It must be quality sleep, too. Interruptions like sleep apnea, caffeine after noon, or sedatives like allergy medication, sleeping pills, or alcohol will make the sleep less effective.

* Eat a wide variety of fruits, dark green vegetables, beans, and grains. Use just enough meat and dairy to flavor your food. Avoid food that comes in boxes. Stick with fresh, frozen, or dried.

* Now, you must prepare yourself mentally, too. At every opportunity, try to remember long lists of information you just saw- grocery lists, arithmetic facts, what you just drove past- whatever. Read somewhat challenging books. Your ability to hold large amounts of information in short term memory is a very important part of keping your mind sharp and focused.

* You should also consider the worries that weigh on your mind. Seek forgiveness for any ways in which people might feel hurt by your actions. Classify your worries as things you can fix and things you must learn to live with.

If you do all these things, you should find yourself more in control of your thoughts.
Burf6 years ago
You need to make yourself P.L.U.M.P. (Parietal Lobe Undesirable Mental Projection blocker).
Studies have shown that organic iron compounds are the most effective P.L.U.M.P. blockers available without a prescription. Since liver is high in organic iron, researchers have devised a simple but highly effective home-built P.L.U.M.P. blocker.
Place at least 2 pounds of raw beef or pork liver in a large zip-lock freezer bag and secure it to the back of the head, covering the area of the parietal lobe in the brain. Use duct tape or large rubber bands to hold the bag in the proper postion. Thumbtacks, staples, nails and screws are not recommended for fastening purposes.