how to tell if vidio card is failing?

my dell 8200 series pc is having problems with i belive the Nvidio geoforce 3 card. or its drivers, i have tryed reinstalling the drivers but when i try to set it to 32bit colors it goes haywire on the display.

lemonie8 years ago
It sounds like you're trying to use a display mode which it (or possibly your monitor) doesn't like. I've got an nVIDIA card, which comes with an nView application - have you got one and looked at what that might do for you in terms of display settings? And what sort of monitor do you have? L
NachoMahma8 years ago
. You may be able to find diagnostic apps at the manufacturer's web site.
klee27x8 years ago
Try another card, if you have one. Then see if you can get it replaced under warranty. If not... Double check the connections. Make sure the fan is spinning (if it has one). Clean it if needed. Wiggle the heatsink to make sure it's connected. Remove, clean, and replace with new compound if you have any doubts. Check to see if any of the caps are bulging. Check for anything that looks burnt. Check to see that it's getting the proper voltage with a DMM. Check while the card is running, too, because the power supply might not be giving it enough voltage under load. If any doubt, try a different power supply. Then buy a new card. :)