how to unblock omegle on school laptops?

i cant get face book,omegle,tok box,twitter,msn or bebo on my school laptop does any one no a way that definitely works :)

hi I'm kristina

Short answer: NO.
Well, there's a way to get around anything...but your school didn't create the block for the purpose of you bypassing it, it was created because they didn't want you visiting those websites with their property. Pick a best answer (maybe vygers) so that this question can close.
katie ballantine (author)  Awesome-aniac2 years ago
no how bout u get lost get a life and mind your own bussiness

i hope you have matured in the past couple years....

lover12345629 days ago

you cant do that its blocked

lover12345629 days ago

you cant do that its blocked

thebest6451 year ago

get google chrome then get zenmate its in the chrome store

it unblocks everything Facebook games everything

rickharris3 years ago
No sorry, until you KNOW that spelling KNOW is like that, you need to concentrate on your studies.
katie ballantine (author)  rickharris3 years ago
well hahahahahahaha i didnt use that word sooooo hahahahahahahahahahaha :) now give it to me

"...any one no a way that definitely works..."


Isn't this from the question above?
katie ballantine (author)  rickharris2 years ago
yeah well wen u no how the younger genaratin types u might understand just because ur like 40 (maybe) u shouldnt pick on people for fitting in so YEA
40 - You flatter me :-) It's much worse - I am 63 AND a teacher so I know how important it is to be able to communicate both effectively AND in a conventional manner.

My wife, who is a PA for the CEO of a large French company, regularly has to vet job applicants. They get so many the first cut is ANY that are poorly written, have poor spelling or bad grammar - they go straight into the bin.

I guess you can have whatever accent or speech mannerisms you like but when it comes to work you HAVE to be able to communicate with everyone. Text speak doesn't do that.

Sorry but this is real life just as your future is bound up with your educational achievement if you expect to be able to compete in the job market.
Wait, are you the girl from the video that can't figure out how long it takes to go 80 miles at 80mph?
katie ballantine (author)  bwrussell2 years ago
katie ballantine (author)  rickharris3 years ago
fine then does anyone have a tafe username and password 4 me PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME !!! :)
What's a "tafe username"?
monsterlego3 years ago
Not the site to look on, no ones going to help you here.

Like rickharris says. concentrate on your studies.
katie ballantine (author)  monsterlego3 years ago
well they should cause i would help u and anyway anyone could chat someone up on this site cause it has chatting on it DAH
If you ask me omgle is silly, talk to real people.
Kiteman3 years ago
Yes, but you won't find out here.

Those websites are blocked for very sound, educational reasons.

(If I had my way, I'd shut down FaceBook in a blink - it would improve school behaviour massively, since arguments couldn't carry on online.)
katie ballantine (author)  Kiteman3 years ago
yes well i only want it for home cause i dont have another laptop to use :P
If you don't have another computer to use how do you have accounts on these sites?

I, like others have said, would assume that a school administrator is seeing every webpage you visit on the computer. If you got around the blocks they would KNOW and you would be punished accordingly.
katie ballantine (author)  bwrussell3 years ago
i used to have a computer but if broke and thats how i go the accounts and they cant see what i have gone on cause i can just delete my internet history
They can still see your history. The blocking software is sending the browser data to the school in real time. By the time you delete the history off of the computer it is already stored on the schools computers. Also I'm sure every time you try to access a blocked site the computer guy at your school gets a notification.

If I had to guess I would say that you spend most of your time on the computer in English class or instead of doing English homework. Your grammar makes your posts almost unreadable.

Not only does "the computer guy" get a notification, but every time a child types in the URL of a filtered website, the school admins get a message about it, which can be attached to the child's permanent record if required.

In fact, we have a neat piece of software at our school (installed on teachers' laptops) that allows any member of staff to check the browsing history of any school laptop at any time, and, if required, remotely take control of the interface, log it off, shut it down, or completely lock it down until the laptop is handed over to the computer guy.
In that case, you need to convince your school administrators of the educational value of those sites.

Good luck.
+1! As long as you are using the schools computers, you need to abide by their policies. is your friend in finding information like this, but searching for 'no a way' will confuse most search algorithms to what you're actually looking for.

I find fb more useful as a 'phone book' for the people I care to know...
Vyger3 years ago
You should not use a school computer for home use. A school computer belongs to the school. It is their property. ANYthing that you do on that computer is their property. They have to right to review any communications that you receive and or create with THEIR notebook. Many teachers have had to learn this the hard way. Teachers who do have full use and administrator rights have done dumb things like apply for other jobs or write private letters on the school owned computer. Anything you put on a school owned computer, including pictures and videos is open for school administration review. Do you get the Picture ???. You do not want to use school equipment for your own purposes. Can I say that any clearer? For a few hundred bucks you can get your own netbook computer and do with that whatever you want.
Vyger Vyger3 years ago
By the way, while I remember it, there was a case of a school district turning on the notebook camera's remotely when the students took them home. The students had permission to take the computers home. When they set them up to use the camera's turned on and recorded everything the kids did in their own bedrooms. some were filmed doing drugs. Some were filmed doing "other things" the mildest of which was changing clothes. There were lots of law suits filed. I never heard what happened in the end, but one of the big points was that the computers belonged to the school and the kids voluntarily set them up. Moral of the story? Don't be stupid and get caught with your pants down.
kelseymh Vyger3 years ago
The school district lost, to the tune of $610,000. The main point of the lawsuit was that the district not only did not inform the students (or their parents) of the surveillance, they actively denied that it was being done when students and parents questioned it.
Vyger kelseymh3 years ago
I am surprised it wasn't for more than that. School districts sometimes do pretty stupid things. But that just makes the point even more, which is don't mess with any restrictions and don't do anything that could be looked at as questionable on a computer that does not belong to you.
Kiteman Vyger3 years ago
As I recall, the student suspended for "doing drugs" was only eating sweets in front of the camera, which he had not been told can be switched on remotely.

The school got bounced, big time,for that one.

The full story is on the This Is True blog.