how to use a card reader writter?

how works ,what the tracks tell me, the codecs or number codes of meaning of track 2

iceng9 months ago

I take you mean those old IBM program punch cards that were used in entering Fortren language programs...

In my time at school, I would sit at a key punch machine and type my software, one line at a time and build up a hefty stack of 3 1/4" high by 7 3/8" wide holy cards which would be turned in to a surely computer operator who would place my card stack on an IBM reader to be executed by the 1620 I think was the computer.

Then next morning there would be a print out and my card stack to turn in at class...

Vyger iceng9 months ago

That is amazing because I did the same thing. Sometimes a card would get out of order and all you would get back is a page that said basically nothing because it couldn't run the program. So we learned to draw diagonal lines down the side of the card deck so you could tell if anything was out of order.

iceng Vyger8 months ago

And save the points for a graph to be dumped as one fast massif graph at the very end of the program so the surely operator doesn't have time to throw out your batch...

Sometime a pizza bribe might get you an additional 10sec CPU time.

Downunder35m9 months ago

Yes of course we can read your mind and can follow your thought, so can you do the same for our answers?
Otherwise start with Google on the specifications for magnetic card strips.
After that use the corresponding encryption for the card in question to get the info stored on it.