how to wire 10 leds in parallele with resistor and battery? please?

10 green leds 2.4 max volts

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If we ASSUME you have a 3V supply, then you need to put a 33Ohm resistor on EACH led.

If you have a 9V supply, you can put 3 leds in series with a 90 Ohm resistor, and you should find that 3 chains of LEDs look much more evenly lit

jconner3 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
but chains of three only gives me 9 i need 10 easly lit thats my problum would the 3V light them all bright
The maths for 10 doesn't work, unless you have one little lone one, with a different resistor.... If you do, use the33 Ohm I said before. Or, use 12 LEDs instead.


jconner3 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
i can do that soo 9v with 90 ohm resistor chains of three
dog digger6 years ago
What battery are you using. 2 AA batteries will be the best for it
jconner3 (author)  dog digger6 years ago
can you put up a step by step it would help greatly
This. Without the battery voltage, it would be impossible to recommend a resistor. 2AAs should be able to run most LEDs directly. Google "LED resistor calculator". You will also need the current draw of the LEDs, which is usually about 20-30mA.
rickharris6 years ago
You need a resistor for each LED, or they will die.