how to wire an earphone jack from my bose radio to a speaker 50' away.?

My bose radio does not have an outlet for any speakers I might have. Bose said the only way I could activate a speaker 50' away in the basement is to use a headphone jack wire that is plugged into the Bose. It should transmit juice to the speaker to transfer the sound. I have a breathaudio speaker  with two sets of red and black spring loaded terminal posts. When the jack goes into the Bose radio it naturally cuts the sound from the Bose radio itself and that's fine. I just want the juice from the jack to go to the speaker in the basement to enjoy. Is this possible?
I'm working with very fine headphone wires from the jack wire itself to transfer power to the speaker via speaker wires that will attach to one set or both sets of the black and red spring loaded terminals on the speaker.
Jon Burnham

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jonb2 (author) 6 years ago
O got it to wk - thank Steve. Merry Christmas
You HAVE to have an amplifier to drive the speakers. You might even damage the radio, if you try it without.

Try this, from Radioshack
jonb2 (author) 6 years ago
Thank you steveastrouk,
I will see how to splice the tiny wires from the male jack onto or into the Radio Shack device you suggested. Then, from that device, into the amplifier that I have in the same cabinet. I'll let you know if it works.
Thanks again,
I didn't know you already had an amp. Your question seems to say you didn't.

jonb2 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thanks Steve.That's how much I know about this stuff. Didn't even think of an amplifier. Is there any easier way to go to the amplifier than with the Radio Shack item you mentioned that would be the go between item? My guess is you have to split off the tiny four wires in the headphone jack wire and put them on the item you mentioned from RS. Thanks again.
Jon, post me a link to exactly what you HAVE for a speaker, and let me get a proper look at it for you. Then I can advise you better.