how we connect two light bulbs,such that they alternately glows? i want circuit diagram


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Do you want the alternation to happen automagically, or by manually operating a switch? If it's automatic, how quickly should the alternation happen? Does the duration of the on/off cycle need to be adjustable? Do you want the lights to "click" on and off, or fade in and out? If they fade, does the speed of the fade need to be adjustable? What kind of bulbs are you using, and what is this going to be used for?
 Like "automagically."
frollard8 years ago
how about describing exactly what you want instead of dgfsgg?

Do you want them to fade, flash back and forth, etc?
two bulbs.gif
seandogue8 years ago
When does the teacher say your homework is due?
Re-design8 years ago
Here's the perfect solution.  You can vary the values of the simulation to get the timing you want.