how will i make a plastic orthodontic brace (mouth guard)?

I want to make special braces (mouth guard) in translucent plastic. I think I know how to make the molds based on the instructlab videos, but are there safety issues if I use plastic that is commercially available? What kind of plastic resins are used by dentists for making their braces? Where can I purchase them?

You can always go to your orthodontist burr ridge il and they can make one for you for super cheep. Plus they make it so you can be sure that your braces and teeth will be okay!
jessesToons5 years ago
I have a friend whose dad made her a orthodontist Oakville mouth guard! I don't think it worked very well. I have considered it and save a few bucks but I don't want to risk messing my teeth up after all the pain I have gone through the last couple years. Seems like a great idea though.
Tombini8 years ago
You can buy plastic mouthguards from the pharmacy or chemist You just put them in boiled water and once they are soft you mold them to you're teeth. They cost about $10-$15 AUD
rickharris8 years ago
Google Polymorph