how will i recognize original and fake arduino boards ?

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AVISHKAR_2 years ago

Try to buy from the official store or from official distributors

If buying from other store check the followings

If the arduino sold less than the standard price it is fake one

1)The original Arduino's color is generally a mix of green and blue and fake one have deep blue color

2)original SMD , Fake SMD

3)Original back side , Fake backside

4)FONT: original , fake (observe the "O" in both and see the difference)

5)LOGO: Original , fake, fake(Look for the sharp edges and the hole inside the 'A')

6)MADE IN ITALY: Original , fake , fake, fake

7)Connections and Connectors : Original , fake

8)Components: Original , fake

Arya422 years ago

The real Arduino Uno has a picture of Italy printed on it. I has never seen fake ones with this.

The price.

Also The fake or clones Ive seen dont have the word "arduino" printed on the pcb.

Burf2 years ago

Buy direct from the manufacturer, an authorized retailer or merchant with an established name and reputation.

You will find every thing on the Arduino home page


Go to products and certified