how would I fix my broken psp?

I recently bid on a psp on ebay for $26. they said that they plugged it in to the usb port on their computer and it stopped working. it won't turn on, etc. I was wondering if there were any other options other than a pandora's battery that I could try. thanks!

ps- here's the auction-

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mcboyia8 years ago
What you have here is a bricked PSP. All you will need a battery and a memory stick, Let me give you a little lesson (you might already know this) PSP can get bricked and you can unbrick them with a magic memory stick (just a plain old memory stick that has some stuff on it) and a Pandora's Battery, you can easily make one, After you make the battery you can always turn it back into a regular one (I'll add a link at the bottom). And for the memory stick you can get the dowload from me because I'm nice at another thing you can Hack your PSP, but thats a whole other story. Once you get the dowload from me, I will give you some additional help.

here's the video-

If you have any problems you can contact me at
not all standard batteries can be turned into a pandora. To add to the users question - no, you can't unbrick a psp without a pandora battery.
I just read the auction - they were trying to flash the firmware, and buggered it up. They are lying :D
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
so, does this mean that I can fix it with a pandora's battery?
its not even guaranteed - but it is the only 'best' known way to fix a software brick.
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
how do you know he lied? by the way, I can still use it for parts. my umd drive is messed up, along with my analog stick. so it helps anyway.
i will bye it from u
200 bucks or over
indeed - but you can get replacement parts from somewhere like ebay or for super cheap. "he plugged it into the computer, then it fried"? I just dont believe it. Nothing about the firmware or operating system is touched while its plugged in - just the memory card. Worst you could do is wreck the memory card by unplugging improperly - or it got static shocked (very rare) and is totally dead.
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
oh well. I'll just stop bidding. if I get outbid, whatever. if I don't, then I get a psp that will hopefully be ressurected, and if not, will have some great parts.
codongolev (author)  frollard8 years ago
oh, and by the way, I'm planning on using my current battery as a pandora. I've used it before, to hack my own.