how would i could i build a tesla coil for a senior science project that would not harm anyone??

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quatch5 years ago
As far as I know, the most dangerous part is the primary coil. You need to keep the transformers covered and safe.

Is senior project highschool? If not, maybe looking down towards a van de graff? or windhurst machine?
teslapulsa94 (author)  quatch5 years ago
high school
teslapulsa94 (author)  teslapulsa945 years ago
what if i build a Faraday cage around it?
I once built a solid state TC for a competition. I placed a Faraday cage made of guttering wire mesh around it. I attached it to the secondary and Earth. Worked fine.
teslapulsa94 (author)  The MadScientist5 years ago
cool thanks
rickharris5 years ago
There is a good train of thought that says if you don't know how to make it safe then you aren't at the stage where you should be building it.

Van de graff generator. or Wimshurst machine.

Sigh, no one ever listens to me.
I listen to you :)
:-) :-) At LAST recognition!   NEXt THE WORLD!!!!!!
sorry ?
rickharris5 years ago
Don't build a Van de graff generator instead - This really wont hurt anyone.
...unless you add substantial capacitance....
I wasn't going to mention that - Apparently one of the first Whimhurst machine experimenters held the Layden jar in his hand and then touched the top - bet he didn't do it twice, once he picked himself up off the floor!
keep it small (500KV or less) and make sure no one has a pacemaker in the room
teslapulsa94 (author)  thematthatter5 years ago
what kind of power source would i need
A little one.
There are like, a hundred examples of T coils on this site, from baby machines to monsters....a baby machine, done right, is great little demonstrator. Eveyr inch/25mm of spark is roughly 25,000 volts,
Just keep it away from prying fingers, and don't aim for a multi-megavolt output.....

A kitchen mixer is dangerous if you touch the dangerous part.
teslapulsa94 (author)  frollard5 years ago
true but not what i mean
How is it not what you mean?

to reiterate:
IF YOU BUILD SOMETHING INHERENTLY DANGEROUS, IT IS DANGEROUS, EVEN IF USED SAFELY. how to build a 'safe' tesla coil is the same way you build an unsafe tesla coil -- you keep people the hell away from it.