how would i turn a permanent magnet motor from a battery powered drill into a generator of electricity?

grillge5 years ago
Attach this V track magnet motor to a small electric slot car motor , the motor if run in reverse should give you power.
V track motor.gif
if you want to document the power that is created, just attach a small lightbulb with wires to the output of the motor. if it lights, youve made more than enough power.

just not enough for something useful. :)
Thats true. Even motors without a magnet will put out a small current. You need to rewind the rotor with smaller diameter wire. This will increase the voltage output. Or, use a drill to spin the shafts of various motors and measure the output. ~Bob~
110100101108 years ago
it allready is one. spin it and check for pulsed dc coming out on the wires if you did not take it out of the drill you chould hold the switch pressed and make sure there are no electronics inside