how would you drill hole big enough for a led throwie to get in the side a glass bottle ?

thats if it possible and preferably without breaking it ?

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jtobako8 years ago
Pick a bottle with a larger opening? Otherwise, a diamond grit hole saw or, if you have time, bottles and patience, a glass cutter and a few minuets to look up the instructions on cutting a hole in glass on line.
I used a carbide tip 'ceramic tile/glass' drill bit to make quick work of drilling glass. They're kind of eye-drop shaped, and cut ceramic/glass like butter.
jeff-o8 years ago
The best way would be with a drill bit designed for glass, in a drill press, with plenty of lubricant to prevent the bit and glass from overheating.
If you really have to, the diamond saw method is easier than an oxy-fuel torch - that's a real glass blowers skill. If I were trying to fill the bottle, and I couldn't redesign to get it into the neck, I'd cut the bottle in half using a red hot wire, and then glue it back together with a UV cure glass glue - the joint would be invisible. You'd need some practice bottles though. ;-)
moo of the cow (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
where do you find the glass cure???
You could cut a hole with an oxyfuel torch. The trick is to do it without shattering the glass. Try heating it in a really hot oven before cutting. Then after cutting, heat the whole bottle with a cool yellow flame for a while. Then put it back in the oven and turn the oven off and wait until it cools. Really, the best way to waterproof electronics is potting in plastic. Get a silicone baking mold about the size of your throwie and then cover it with clear epoxy
orksecurity8 years ago
Why the side? Why not redesign around a battery which will fit down the neck?
moo of the cow (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
ummmmm how would you do that ????? i mean like a 600mil bottle???
moo of the cow (author)  moo of the cow8 years ago
and how would it be waterproof cuase im putting water in it