how would you make a gatling gun out of knex?

I was experimenting and i made a 8 barrel turret for a machine gun and i wanted to know if the are any more ways that you can fit more on than just 8?and also i would be great if you had a image.

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Check out the turrets on the TR series.
That isnt a gatling turret.
You could make it into one pretty easily, just throw in a trigger and take out the firing pin and you're good to go.
That would only work on the 8 shot turret, the other ones seem to have too short a barrel.
Make it longer. He just wanted a concept. I gave him a concept.
He didn't want a concept, he wanted to know if it was possible to make a gatling turret with more than 8 shots.
... Yes. You know the concept that the TR barrels (12 shot, 18 shot, 36 shot) use? That's a great way to add more barrels to a gatling type barrel.
I hope we're still giving bb credit for those turrets.
I hope so too. :-p I meant to say that, I forgot to add it.
use the gatling gun design research on what the gatling gun used. =)
DJ Radio8 years ago
Put 1 yellow connector on every slot on a white circle, and put 2 barrels on each yellow connector. here is a good example.