howdo u make egg drop soup?

its chinese

frollard8 years ago
Search for it? Theres a pile of ibles on the related column there - meaning searching would probably net even more.
seandogue8 years ago
odd...I jut had eggdrop soup last night using Ramen soup as a base.

Just whip an egg in a glass with a small egg whip or fork til it's uniform in color, make a packet of ramen or similar soup, and once the soup is "done", turn off the heat and pour the egg into the soup in random places, in teaspoon sized dollops, allowing each to cook slightly before adding the next dollop. you should get about 6-8 pours for a "large" egg...

transfer to bowl and eat.

time from package to mouth ~4 minutes...

A traditional Chinese recipe is probably a bit more complex (and tastier)
lemonie8 years ago