howto make 3d shutter glasses?

i cannot find any instructable on making something like shutter glasses. my idea is: the left-eye image gets a white 10x10px rectangle in the top-left corner of the computer screen, the right-eye image gets a black rectangle. the shutter glasses would have a photoresistor glued (or somehow placed) onto that 10x10px-area for timing. but i don't know how to use that (binary) signal to control the transparency of the 2 LCDs. i don't even know which LCDs to use or where to buy it.

Istarian7 years ago
It seems to me that one could use the LCD in these (  They cost $5, and ought to be usable to make shutter glasses that have the properties wikipedia says LCD shutter glasses ( have. I have one of these LCDs, taken from an old Nokia phone, and when you peel off the back reflective sheet it is actually has a polarizing filter. Combine two of those lcds with two LCD driver circuits and and a 3D shutter glasses controller ( and you have the makings of the glasses as far as I can tell. The driver circuit must be able to fully darken the entirety of the LCD (maybe do the alternating between each LCD lit/dark too?) and the only drawback I can see might be the refresh speed of the LCD itself.
Forrest O.8 years ago
I'm thinking that an inaudible sound signal might be a less complicated method. Oh here: