i am electronic Engineer, i am doing working on a musical ic chip, did any buddy know how to build a circuit diagram ?

circuit diagram of a musical chip IC and how to burn a music in a IC

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DarlingP21 year ago

hello hai this prem. i have small doubt. may i load my name in ic chip

What is a musical chip ?
jawedalikhan (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
if you see any electronic toys who sing any song, if you check out the circuit of this toy you will see that there will be a ic in it, this chip ic i called musical chip ic.

do you know anything about "chip ic", how its work and to know how the circuit diagram????
Look at ISD chip-corders.

ALL ICs are "chips", I know how they work- being a professional engineer, for, oh, nearly 30 years......

steveastrouk knows a whole bunch more chips,  ICs then I do or
anyone here.
rickharris5 years ago
1. I am not sure I understand your question

2. As an electronic engineer you should know how to draw (build) a circuit diagram.

3. The IC diagram isn't a lot of use to you unless you have a fabrication set up.

4. The music is held in a sampled digital form - although it could be held as a text file of the notes with a translation program to produce the correct sound for each note.
jawedalikhan (author)  rickharris5 years ago
my question is that recently i got a project in which i will made a electronic toy( children toys) who sing any song, i search several toys circuit and every circuit have an chip ic, whose number and name don't written on it. i further search on net but i have not success, if you know about anything related to this thing plz help me
lemonie5 years ago
You want to get hold of an mp3 player?