having a little trouble picking out 18650 batteries for my 3A flashlight? [answered]

i am looking for a few batteries for my flashlight. i have one the LC 18650 but it will only lash a few days of use.

OK, i do want a high quality 3A battery (for 1000 LM from my light) so one that that supports the current.
i prefer one with a safety circuit in it,
one that holds at least 2200 MAh,

ok, i shop for that, but what is the difference between:

LIR  18650,
LC   18650 (the one i have) (i think LC stands for "low current drain"),
GTL 18650,
TR   18650,
AW   18650, (i know this offers 5A, but its expensive and rare.)
BRC 18650,
XSL  18650,
TRC 18650,

i know the AW battery offers 5A max.

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-max- (author) 6 years ago
i already bought the 3000 MAh BRC 18650. they our just as bright as the 2400 MAh battery i have. i haven't put it to the test to see how long it will last.
orksecurity6 years ago
Specification sheets are usually available from the batteries' manufacturers, giving capacity in MAh, maximum safe current draw, internal resistance, and so on.

If what you want is longer life, you need more capacity. Or you need to redesign the flashlight so it draws less power -- LEDs, running it at a lower power when you don't need maximum brightness, something of that sort.
-max- (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
i know what milliamp hours are. im asking amount of current they can crank out. i know the one model that supplies 5A! (i think it's AF)
Maximum current supplied (versus discharge rate) should be on those spec sheets. You can look 'em up just about as easily as I can.
-max- (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
the damn sales on ebay dont tell you much more than how many MAh, and how many times it can be charged and shipping info. where else can i buy? without one battery costing more than $10.
Websearch things like "battery LIR 18650 specifications". Which should also turn up non-eBay suppliers.
-max- (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
i know the AW 18650 can crank out 5A max. i only need 3A, it will work the best. but it might be expensive, so i want one that offers 4A or 3A.
-max- (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
tryed it, no data sheet, just links to places to buy them.