i am having truble beading the new tires?

i tryed to inflate them but thay woun't bead  

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Re-design8 years ago
Loosely wrap a cord around the center of the tire.  Use a stick or screw driver to twist the cord and girdle the tire.  That should make it spread out and touch the beads.  Loosen the cord before you get too much air in it.

one of those ratcheting tie down straps works great. 
As I recall, garages use a belt wrapped around the center of the tire to compress the center section, thereby pressing the bead into place, followed by applying air pressure, so I think re-design has the right method.
I think there is a classic method involving a small gas explosion - a fraction of a tea spoon of gas, and a lighter. The minor explosion reseats the bead. 

Void where prohibited, your mileage may vary, objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are etc.
There used to be a youtube vid.showing that.
There are lots, but this one's quite good.


Here's one I like.


I still like the cord an stick method.  Less burned eyebrows.

You could use one of the ratchet load binders if you have one.
Here's a really good one with perfect technique and safety precautions.

Crikey, I didn't think anyone would be daft enough to film it.

See ? It works REALLY well !!
He got some good inflation on that!

Re-design8 years ago
Here is a vid. that shows using the cord or load binder method that is use.