i am hoping you can tell me what materials i can use to make a cheap hanglider?

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Get an electrical conduit bender, bunches of 3/4" or 1" metal conduit, some tarps and kevlar thread. Bend the conduit into a frame you like then take it to get welded(thats not terribly expensive), lay the tarp on top of the wing structure, fold the tarp over the top and sew several seams along it with the kevlar thread.
Everything else is straightforeward, just be sure to pick a best answer before testing this contraption.

Have fun! :D
He'll never choose on after wards...
Re-design7 years ago
Do you know how to fly one?  If not then you absolutely MUST learn to fly using a proven flying model under proper supervision first.  You can't learn to fly on a homebuilt/designed glider.  How will you know if the crash is your fault or the plan just won't fly.

Should you ignore the warnings you've gotten here and go on with your plan please visit this link before your first flight.  They have some info that might be very important AFTER that first flight.
rickharris7 years ago
Try making a few models first so you research and understand the issues involved.

Although people have and do make DIY hang-gliders I think you reasonably have to look at your skill set and ability realistically. 

Learning to fly is also not something to just go out and learn by trial and error!!!!.
Sure it is!  After all, it can dramatically reduce the number of bad pilots out there ;->

Okay, so I'm being mean...
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  If you have to ask you have no business building one. Same with a parachute, drag car, bungee cord, &c.
I wanted to say that!
And this year's Darwin Award goes to....