i am looking for a truck cake recipe, or how to decorate?

i am looking for a cake in the shape of a truck for my grandson's birthday. can anybody help or have an idea on how too

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jtp1397 years ago
try looking through cakecentral.com there are tons of "how tos" there. Should be a pretty simple design for a beginner cake (as far as carved cakes go) You need to make a dense cake or maybe a pound cake to hold the shape and not just squish. Also helps if you freeze the cake before carving. good luck!
frollard jtp1397 years ago

Make lots of smaller cakes, stack them, chop a basic shape (5 year olds aren't picky and can't tell the difference between a silverado and a tundra)

Ice the cake lightly...

Mix up/buy some fondant, roll it out, and spread over the truck.
Go all out and bust out a food-colouring airbrush.
Chocolate covered doughnuts make great tires, BTW.
jeff-o7 years ago
Some baking supply stores in your area may rent out cake forms.  Hopefully, they'll have one in the shape of a truck.  If not, you can probably make your own simply by carving a few cakes baked in "loaf pans" into the shape of a truck.

Then decorate using icing coloured to your liking.  Add details using candy stuck onto the wet icing.
A pickup truck, dump truck, semi, or what? It might make a difference.