i am making an arduino automated mushroom climate control , i want to control the humidity of two rooms using relays?

using arduino uno , pressure pump ,two solenoid valves  i want to control the humidity of two rooms . my planning that when the humidity of room no 1 falls below 80 the relay for pressure pump and the relay for that specific solenoid have to turn on and turned off if the humidity is above 90. The same procedure for the next room . As i am using single pressure pump for both rooms ...i am finding difficulties for reading two DHT11 and controlling three relay .....  

abhisuma (author) 7 months ago

i am trying to control these relays only using one uno ...is't that possible to collect the data from two DHT11 and control these relays according to the values

iceng7 months ago

The cost of a second uno is irrelevant to your situation. Use a diverter to direct moisture to the room it is controlling or a flow valve after the pump, which the room uno can open simple !... You can use a single power supply for both unos as I read you are low on spore$..