i didnt get my warranty when i bought my 360 and i was wondering if i was able to get a warranty now?

its been abouth a month since i bought my 360 and the warranty paper inside the box says i have to send the money in 10 days. if theres anything i can do to get a warranty, please tell me.

lemonie8 years ago
You may still be covered by other laws regarding the sale of goods.
See this link and the one within it. Not knowing where you live I can't find you anything specific to your purchase.

frollard8 years ago
Some retailers offer a warranty 'after the fact' as well...but thats usually 14 days or 30 days - call them if microsoft turns you down.
kevinhannan8 years ago
You don't always need warranty cover if you have accidental damage/breakdown cover on your household insurance.
Bartboy8 years ago
They would probably let you get it if you sent the money, as the warranty is several years. You need it.....