i dont have an oven at home but i realy want to bake .Is there any other way i can bake at home? appreciate your help.

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there are heaps of "no bake" recipes for cookies and slices
even here on instructables!
iPodGuy5 years ago
Solar ovens are cheap and easy to make and run off the sun!
rickharris6 years ago
Very old fashioned way is to get a very heavy LARGE pan with a lid the larger the better - pan that is - . Put a wire grid inside the pan and put on hot plat or fire.

Use as oven. Put baking on wire grid.

Pan needs to be iron or steel - Alumimium will melt.
over2u (author)  rickharris6 years ago
thankyou for the suggestion i am going to try it out today :)

Let us know how it goes. Actually bread is a good start - For an eternity Irish people made bread in an Iron pot over the fire, Use as above and put embers on the lid to get some top heat as well.
Larger appliance stores often have 'toaster ovens' - in Australia I've seen them sold for around $70-$100. Check online applicance sellers, they may have small 'table top' ovens that can be (eg) powered by an electric socket and stored in a cupboard when not in use.
Kiteman6 years ago
It depends on what you want to bake - you can get bread-makers and small pie-makers to sit on your counter-top.