i have 15 to 20 miny kegs wondering if anyone had some ideas?

Picture of i have 15 to 20 miny kegs wondering if anyone had some ideas?
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chibiwind7 years ago
bins, Fire drum, heater, refill and reuse, containers for objects and fluids eg beer, tennis ball, cut holes and you've got a bird cage!

So many potential ideas i bet you could use these or think of your own

orksecurity7 years ago
I presume you've looked at the ideas under "related" to the right...
peacemaker5000 (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
ya i have
I assume he also just poured that... liquid (can't call it beer) down the drain  since it isn't safe to drink...

So many wonderfull beers and people still drink Heineken...
Heineken maybe reasonable fizzy-lager, but it is not a high-quality beer.


Classic ad:

He's right, though.
Then you're a snob also.
Have you ever drunk beer that was not "best drunk chilled"?

No, I don't thing you can sell it like that in the US! lol
.  Back in the last half of the 18th Century, y'all got the beer and we got half* of North America. Mess with us again and we take the beer. Either way, you can keep your flavor** of "football."

*Yeah, yeah. It was only a small sliver at the time - poetic license.
**No "u" in there - just as God intended it.

acidbass7 years ago
 lets see trash can outdoor heater floating dock keg kart table lamp raft alarm clock clock seating storage 
l8nite7 years ago
make a raft