i have 2 caps from an old power supply rated at 470uF 200v. how can i turn these into a tazer?

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miiwii38 years ago
read plasmana's intructables on worlds smallest shocker.
joypad (author)  miiwii38 years ago
thanx dude looking at it right now
Re-design8 years ago

IF you don't know what you're doing then you shouldn't be trying to make something to shock people with.
joypad (author)  Re-design8 years ago
its not for people. its more for a bug zapper and rail gun.
You didn't say "bug zapper or rail gun" you said "Tazer".  If you don't say what you mean then how do you expect to get any logical answers?

For either of these new projects they might be a start but for the rail gun unless it's very small I think you'll need more capacity and for the bug zapper you'll have to charge it up more that 9 volts and you'll only get one zap per charge.  But zappers in my experience don't work on stored energy, they generate a high voltage constantly.  Just waiting for that swarm of mosquitoes to fly by.
joypad (author)  Re-design8 years ago
this is true i didnt say it.
but if someone would tell me where to start then ill be fine.
so please enough with trying to protect me from me, and please point me in the right direction!
joypad (author) 8 years ago
i have reasons for why i want to do this. i know what im doing, i just dont know how to bulid a way of chargeing them with a nine volt batery or two.
You can charge them with a 9 volt battery but you'll just get 9 volts.

And since you know what you're doing I won't embarrass you by telling you how to answer your own question.
There'd be enough stored energy in them to kill someone. I really wouldn't.