i have 2 solar cells 4.3v 86mA each will that be good to charge 2 1.2v rechargable batteries?

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bwrussell5 years ago
From a pure voltage and current state I would think yes, although 86mA might make for a long charge time, depending on type and capacity of the the batteries. mpilchfamily asks some good questions though.
What kind of batteries and do you have the charging circuitry needed for the batteries?
ismael01 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
i am wanting to charge my cell phone with this
What cellphone do you have?

In order to get a cell phone charging the solar cells would need to produce the correct voltage. Otherwise the charge circuit in the phone will not start charging the battery. Most current cell phone models need 5V for charging. So you will want to run those 2 panels in series through a voltage regulator to get the desired voltage for charging the phone.
frollard5 years ago
You say in your keywords 'lithium' -- lithium batteries are usually in the 3.7-4.2 volt range

...what kind of batteries are these?

You should be good to trickle charge most batteries with the 2 solar cells in parallel providing about 4.2v at 170mA in full sun...If it really puts out that voltage, consider charging 2-3 batteries in series.