i have a 320 volts 3 phase 4000 rpm brush less dc motor from a broken treadmill,i need your help to make it run.

to be more specific,i need your recommendation for the right motor controller that will fit to my motor.pls.help me.

raphelcf2 months ago

I am into industrial electronics so i would suggest you should get a DC drive of any make like siemens, kirloskar with that you can make it run this DC Motor but before going to maximum speed you should adjust the max DC voltage so it should not cross beyond 320 VDC. you should specify the full details of motor before going to spend some bucks for these Drives.

steveastrouk3 months ago

What's wrong with the original controller ?

I played with several of these treadmill motors and unless they are DC (180V) the only proper way of using them is with the original controller.
If the motor is really a 3-phase model, which I doubt, then you have two options:
a) run it on 3-phase power
b) get an industrial motor driver with single phase input and 3-phase output
The first option is viable, the second not so much as the controller with the things like break resistors and wiring will cost you more than a 1hp single phase motor.

I think most BLDC motors, in higher powers, are "three phase" in the sense they have three windings at 120 degrees - but you need position feedback for a BLDC motor. A simple inverter won't hack it.