i have a gateway laptop w/ windows 7 built in wi/fi

 it crashed so i put  XP Pro on it it will not let me use and or  wont recognize wi/fi  can anyone be so kind as to help?

Vyger6 years ago
I should also mention that there is some hardware that is designed for Vista and 7 and that they never made drivers for XP because XP cannot recognize or run the hardware. If it turns out that there are no suitable drivers you might just have to get an external USB unit.

I do find it curious that you dumped Win 7. Vista, yes I could understand that but 7 has been pretty stable and secure so far.
Vyger6 years ago
The drivers for the wi fi are not included in the windows XP set up. Gateway should have the specific Windows XP drivers for your machine. I would download all the drivers that they have for XP and install them. Generic drivers can be OK but if Gateway has specific XP drivers for that model they would probably be better and might prevent strange blue screens in the future.
thegeeke6 years ago
Reinstall the drivers for the wifi... that should do it in theory... :)