i have a huge blank wall. what in the world could i do with it?

Something on the cheaper side would be great to fill it up. I don't really have any decorations in my room to be truthfull. I like my bed, that's the only thing I put care into. Lots of pillows. I also have two huge windows with long brown curtains if that helps. But the wall across from my bed is big and blank!

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Kiteman8 years ago
Rasterbate all over it.
I get it! Look at me, I'm special!
alainmelan8 years ago
A tessellation, such as you find in some Islamic tile patterns could give impressive results for a relatively small effort. Fractals like the Sierpinski carpet or Koch Curve might work too.

Another option is to take free photos to your local copy shop and ask them to print you some big copies. Frame them with some glued-together dowel rods.