i have a large copper cylinder with copper pipes and fittings any ideas for a piece of sculpture?

its two foot tall, it has already built inlets and outlets, also a copper screw top to allow heating element to be placed inside, i also have copper fittings

Dr.Bill7 years ago
How about a nice Still made to look like a lamp?
orksecurity8 years ago
I'd have to see it and see what it suggested to me. Turn it in various directions and see if it suggests anything. Look around for things that are vaguely similarly shaped. Think of things that might, in some alternate world, be powered by steam/water/air pressure, and see if it wants to become any of those. Think about whether it wants to be attached to anything else.

Sculpture's an art, and art is very much a personal process, I'm afraid.

Alternatively, try to think of something useful you could actually do with it.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
a steam-punk weapon?